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1. Open from: morning AM08:00~PM12:00, afternoon PM13:30~PM17:30, night PM18:00~PM22:00
2. All venues can be accessed thirty minutes prior to the booked time for setting up (free of charge). Where longer time is needed for setting up, an appropriate charge shall be made (see rate standards).
3. The center has speakers rest area; additional charges shall be made for use of the area.
4. Do not use double-sided tape for setting up slogans and posters. Please place them in the designated areas; do not damage the walls and maintain the environment.
5. Please do not connect lighting and electric alliances without permission, to prevent overloading and maintain public safety.
6. For other services, please contact the reservation service center.

Deputized matters

Deputized matters Rate standards
Unit Half-day (4 hours) Full day (8 hours) Day and night (12 hours)
1200 Lumen projector
(Qunyin auditorium only)
set 5,000NTD 7,000NTD 9,000NTD
3000 lumen projector set 1,000NTD 1,500NTD 2,000NTD
Outdoor power supply for large events set 3,000NTD 5,500NTD 7,000NTD
Table floral arrangements pot $From 1500NTD
Photocopies piece B&W: 1.5NTD/A4 side;2NTD/B4 or A3 side
Color: 10NTD/ A4 side

Venue caption banners

White writing Color writing Gold sprayed writing Color pictures or trademarks
Chinese English Chinese English Chinese English
1 foot (30cm) 85 NTD 65 NTD 135 NTD 110 NTD 155 NTD 140 NTD 300 NTD
1.5 feet (45cm) 90 NTD 75 NTD 165 NTD 130 NTD 195 NTD 170 NTD 450 NTD
2 feet (60cm) 140 NTD 110 NTD 210 NTD 160 NTD 250 NTD 210 NTD 600 NTD
2.5 feet (75cm) 200 NTD 160 NTD 270 NTD 220 NTD 320 NTD 260 NTD 700 NTD
3 feet (90cm) 270 NTD 230 NTD 360 NTD 290 NTD 420 NTD 360 NTD 1000 NTD
4 feet (120cm) 370 NTD 310 NTD 460 NTD 390 NTD 520 NTD 460 NTD 1500 NTD
5 feet (150cm) 540 NTD 470 NTD 630 NTD 550 NTD 690 NTD 620 NTD 3500 NTD
1. Outdoor LED notice board: 3000 NTD/event.
2. Computerized banner services (please contact reservation service personnel for rates)
3. Additional charges will be made for helping to hang up banners (please contact reservation service personnel for rates).